I’ve been playing some sort of musical instrument since I was about 6 years old… drums, piano, cello… and then I graduated from high school and was given a bass guitar. Musically, I haven’t really looked back. I’ve been enchanted with that low end sound for a long time and have done my best to learn and play as many different types of groove as I can. The bass chair holds a lot of power and I try to wield it wisely. I got distracted for a few years by college and a degree or two in aerospace engineering, but I think I’m back on my track now…

The last few years have led to a good deal of playing on both electric and upright bass as a session player and on live gigs. I have some good samples of some of those projects up on the Music page. The Artist Links includes most of the artists I’ve been fortunate to work with.

My two most active projects are Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys and the Lost Pines.  Akina leads a 10-piece soul/funk/rock group that has been picking up a lot of steam, and the Lost Pines are a well established Austin bluegrass band that I’m happy to have joined last year.  Both groups are fantastic and lots of fun to play bass in… hope you get to see them both sometime soon!

The group I helped found, about:blank, played its last gig in the summer of 2011 – we had a great 7 years (!) and I loved all the music we produced… if you’re interested in a cd of it, let me know – there are quite a few still hanging around.

My day gig is managing Violins Etc. Stop on by sometime – we always have coffee on and there’s quite a selection of wonderful instruments to pick on…

Thanks for stopping by… I look forward to seeing you out and about sometime and feel free to contact me if you’d like either upright or electric bass on a session or gig.

Upcoming Gigs

Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!


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